You might have heard of social casinos and got curious about how it functions. If you have ever been on a social media site before and played games that are primarily from casinos, then you might already have an idea. If you don’t have anything yet, don’t worry; we’re here to explain everything to help.

What is Social Gambling?

Social gambling is everything you can get if you remove the betting option of real money in traditional online casinos. In simpler terms, you’re playing without any risks involved, which adds more fun and excitement to each session. Since there is no money involved, all social gambling activities are entirely legal and regulated by the government.

Can You Still Earn Money on Social Casinos?

There are many sweepstakes casino games available, and through them, you’ll have a very high chance of earning money, that is, if you’re good or lucky. Even though we mentioned that there is no money involved in these instances, there are some exceptions since many new social casinos opened have enabled a particular system. That system allows people to trade in their digital currencies and convert them into real money.

Most casinos call them sweep coins, which can be bought and used as a bet to slot games or table games available on the platform. You have total control over how much you will buy, and casinos mainly offer packages tailored to how much players usually spend.

How to Open an Account?

Social casinos don’t require any minimum deposit or spending for you to open an account and start playing. Registering is free, and in fact, they even give you points or their digital currency for free to get started. More ways to get more of this currency include mail-in requests and codes and coupons.

Online sweepstakes casino games are superior to online casinos that oblige people to deposit when opening an account because they don’t pressure their clients. While certainly there is still money involved if you choose to, it’s not that much more tempting than the real casino because they don’t explicitly use real money to bet.

How to Swap Sweep Coins to Real Money?

Many people may think of sweepstakes casino games as a scam because of how good the whole setting is. Most of the time, it is because of the high amounts of demand that social casinos impose when making your very first cash out.

On your initial redemption, you have to provide a lot of personal information to ensure that they are dealing with someone they can trust. It is also being implemented because they don’t want people to repeatedly abuse their free coins, putting their business at a disadvantage financially. You don’t have to worry about your information as it is only used for verification so that both parties are secured.


Online sweepstakes casino games are still far from overtaking traditional online casinos, but we can safely say that it is a good competitor that would make the gambling industry healthy. With many casinos emerging these days, social gambling is here to stay.