2015 Lake Murray Poker Run

Lake Murray is truly the jewel of South Carolina and has become a major recreation destination. It boasts 649 miles of shoreline covering an area of 78 square miles. The lake is 41 miles long and 14 miles wide at its widest point and is enjoyed by thousands of people every week. The map below has many of the weekends locations marked, we will also be adding GPS coordinates in the next few days.
Saturday GPS Locations
Lake Murray Dam (Card Stop)    N 34.037404’,  W 081.231966’
Southshore Marina (Card Stop) is N 34 01.145' W 081 26.044'
Frayed Knot   (Card Stop)  N 34.124533’ , W 081.433196’
Big Mans (Card Stop) is N 34.080309,W 081.560676

Additional Marina locations
Jakes Landing Marina  /  FUEL   N 34 01.655' W 081 13.537'
Siesta Cove Marina     N 34 02.790'  W 081 22.666'
Marina Bay AKA Lake Murray Marina  / N 34 06.914'  W 081 15.044'
Dreher Island State Park Marina FUEL

2015 Lake Murray Poker Run June 26-28

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